Jing Ren

The Netherlands

The online courses have not only been very informative, but to my surprise they also have been hugely inspirational. Wu De manages to share his love for tea in a way that is as contagious and motivating online as it has been for me offline. I didn't think that online courses could be so engaging, yet every course has managed to make me want to explore the world of tea, incense and the practices surrounding them even more!

Katrine Friis Olsen

Hong Kong

Tea & incense are as easy or as difficult as you make it, but both the castle and the simple hut need a solid foundation. As such are these courses; a solid foundation to build a committed practice.

Emily Doyle


Each morning, as I bow in at the beginning of my Cha Dao practice I am reminded of how many hands, and how much Qi has brought this beautiful bowl of tea into my life. I will forever feel gratitude in my heart for Wu De, and everyone at the Center for their commitment to unwavering integrity, devotion and impeccable delivery to both tea education, and the actual tea leaves themselves. Thank you!

Cary Noel

United States

I discovered a new level of tea joy with these courses. I doubt there is a richer and more accessible source of tea knowledge in the world. They allow you the freedom to focus on the areas that interest you the most, whether it's preparation, types of tea, or tea as a practice and Dao. If you feel drawn to the world of tea these courses are the best place to go deeper with your love for the Leaf.

Maggie White

United States

Due to work, I travel constantly and receive much grounding from my tea practice. Enrolling in The Way of Tea course offers a portable way to tap into community practice and sit with teachings no matter where I am. I can also slowly move through the content at my own pace which offers endless support and connection.

Tracy Conti McCarty

United States

I’ve taken two courses, Boiled Tea & The Way of Tea. They both offer unparalleled wisdom and connect me deeper to my daily practice. What an incredible offering! My four year old also enjoys learning with me!

John Johnson

United States

I'm really impressed with Global Tea Hut's online courses. As expected, the quality of the content is outstanding and the format is perfectly suited for those of us around the world who want to study tea on a flexible schedule. Two thumbs up!